Dr Coffee F12

0.000 OMR

F12 Introduction

One of the flagship models from Dr. Coffee family, the F12 not only has a noble and elegant refined outlook, but also has ultra-high production efficiency. Easily meet the needs of occasions like traditional VIP center, office; lounge area. For the daily needs of such as bakeries, convenience stores and other commercial operations, it also has no problem.

F12 Key Features

● Innovative brewing system, which is compatible with both high&low pressure brewing, make it possible to serve American coffee and Italian coffee with one machine.

● The flat type ceramic grinder burr ensures the grinding output is precision and even, which will give you the unique flavor of the coffee product.

● Intuitive 7-inch colorful touch screen is simple and efficient for operation,

● The increased size of the bean box, water tank and grounded container design perfectly matches the machine body, making it easier to handle the coffee consuming fastigial time.

● Variety of water supply resolution, plus milk system self-cleaning function, allow you to freely match a variety of locations.


To order this machine, please reach out to us at admin@copperroastery.com