Espresso Knock Box Commercial

54.000 OMR


Knock Box for Espresso Grounds, Commercial Floor Standing Barista Style Absorbent Knock box with Removable Non-Slip Base, Coffee Grind Collection Dump Bin, Black

  • Fast Processing: Dispose of your used coffee grounds quickly and easily within inches of your espresso maker. You can store old coffee grounds for gardening, old coffee grounds can be a rich fertilizer option for your garden beds.
  • Large Capacity Standing Espresso Knock Box Size: Diameter: 16cm/6.29inch, height: 86cm/33.85inch
  • Features: Built for commercial use. Made from hard wearing polypropylene Separates into three parts for easy cleaning, barista cloth which attaches to either side of the knock bin via a carabiner hook
  • Strong Stability: The puck box features a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom to stabilize the knock box and reduce noise, prevents sliding and won't scratch kitchen floor.
  • Widely could be used in coffee shop, western restaurant, bar, home kitchen etc.