Cafemasy Sweeper Brush

4.000 OMR
  • Coffee Grinder Brush with Two Head Brush: one end is counter brush, and the other end has a soft grinder brush. the bristle will never fell out: High Quality and Multifunction.
  • Easier to clean Coffee brush: The counter brush is great! It's stiff enough to brush grinds away without having to brush the same area several times. The tan brush is great to brush grinds away inside the grinder. It's a very soft brush. Both ends are useful for cleaning different parts of the grinder.
  • Time- saver: More Convenient and safer to cut your cleaning time in half on your machine with Coffee Brush. Eliminates hot water running over your hand. Unique design and water deflecting fins keep your hands cool and dry while back flushing.
  • ERGONOMIC and Good Material: The coffee brush is made of high quality plastics and edible grade bristles material. No shedding from the bristles. The straight bristle end is detachable is lovable, adding to the usability when cleaning out your grinder. Superior quality well made solid brush keeps your espresso machine clean & in good working condition.
  • MULTIUSE of Coffee Brush: Perfect for cleaning things other than coffee grounds, such as tea powder, flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, a perfect supplement to your set of kitchen gadgets and accessories. The perfect choice for home kitchen, hotels - cafes and restaurants - an essential accessory. Regular cleaning will help prolong the lifespan of your coffee equipment.