Specialty Selection

Are you into coffee for the caffeine or for the art?
Don’t just drink coffee, have a great coffee!
The coffees in our spectrum are the new wave specialty coffees that will change the way you make, drink and think coffee as you embrace the ABC’s of coffee; Aromatic, Balanced and Clean seasonal crop that is freshly roasted.
An untrained coffee lover might shy away from specialty coffee once first introduced to it as their pallets are jaded by the cheap, flat, ashy and flavorless coffee. HeadStart is the perfect doorway into the specialty coffee and third wave culture. 
HeadStart shall decypher the pallet codes to unlock the potential of recognizing and enjoying simple, yet true, coffee flavors such as fruitiness, floral, sweet, spicy, nutty cocoa. The perfect way to introduce your family and friend to coffee is with the speciality selection coffee box. 
Select 4 types of coffee from the drop down menu 17omr - 4 bags at 250 grms each.
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